Our Tutors

Our tutors are the pillar of our success. Because of them, we wouldn't be here. And because of this, we do our best to facilitate their growth and ensure that they accomplish everything they want in their career.

What we offer

One-on-One Coaching

You will be going to the student's home and teaching them on a one-on-one basis. This affords you an opportunity to develop a strong, reliable relationship with the student.

Flexible Timings

We organise your lesssons based on your availabilities and timetable, making this a flexible job!

Competitive Rates

AGARWAL COACHING offers a competitive hourly rate to all our tutors. We recognise the hard work that goes into tutoring, and we reward it.

Career Guidance

AGARWAL COACHING offers consultation and guidance to tutors seeking help in their career development.

I want to become a tutor!

Thats great to hear! To help you become a tutor and match you to the student-of-your-dream, we need you to do a few things.

Please note that AGARWAL COACHING is an agency and not an employer. We organise a student who needs your help, and we aim to provide at least three students, each for a block of ten weeks of school term, once you are a registered tutor. We request that you be patient as we seek these
opportunitites for you!


As a Career

The reason why AGARWAL COACHING exists is because tutoring offers the opportunity for self development to whoever takes it onboard. The benefits are not exclusive to the students; but rather, manifest for tutors as well.

While tutoring, you can master the knowledge you have, develop nuanced teaching skills and achieve a level of emotional and intellectual fulfilment that no other career can offer, while you help students reach their academic potential.

Need more details?

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We are here to help. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

Our Tutors

We organise our best tutors to meet your requirements. Our tutors range from university students, school teachers and graduates. All our tutors are well-educated, highly reliable and patient.

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